Press & Testimonials

Press & Testimonials

Excerpt from Article The Inner World of The Immigrant Child: Author Comes To The UN
Written by Jean Stoner SND

In February 2011, a talented teacher and published author participated in the Commission on the Status of Women. Cristina Igoa’s eight days in New York City were filled with governmental sessions, side events, discussion groups, and meeting people. She conversed with Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile and now Director of UN Women; Fathima Abdel Mahmoud, first woman to run for president of Sudan; and Marta Santos Pais, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Violence against Children. In each case, Christina made connections to her numerous classroom experiences with immigrant children.

Christina’s words: “My time at the UN was a profoundly moving experience that left me invigorated with new energy and inspiration to continue to help immigrant children receive the interventions they need to succeed in school and be productive members of their new society as well as the global community. I am so grateful to to have had the opportunity to participate in this event.”

“Dr. Igoa is an exceptional teacher-scholar with much vision, depth, and breadth. She has a rare combination of character, personality, intelligence, competence, and work ethic … greatly needed in today’s school systems.”

James Moore III, Phd.
Associate Professor& Director
Office of Minority Affairs
Ohio State University

“Dr. Igoa has played a major role in helping Oxford Symposium members from around the world to appreciate the critical role the teacher has in the development of schoolchildren.  Dr. Igoa’s teaching approach pioneered in the schools with immigrant and multicultural children has become known internationally.  We are all deeply moved by the documentary which shows her skill and sensitivity in working with parents and children.”

Brian Gerrard, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Oxford Symposium in School-Based Family Counseling
Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology
Department of Education, University of San Francisco

“I am writing to recommend the book, The Inner World of the Immigrant Child by Cristina Igoa, which I have used successfully to write a grant for Southeastern Technical College in Videlia, Georgia, USA, for teaching adult English as a Second Language. The program funded by the grant is still in operation… This is an important book that has been cited at least 198 times in scholarly writing. It is without hesitation that I recommend this book to everyone who is concerned about education in the increasingly diversified world of the 21st century.”

Robert Lake, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Social Foundations of Education
Dept. of Curriculum, foundations, and Reading
Georgia Southern University

“I am very glad to read that the book, The Inner World of the Immigrant Child is  being translated into Spanish. I hope it reaches and influences a wide number of people dealing with immigrant children and also helps to shape a sound policy agenda. Thank you for the beautiful book. I am pleased that you have prepared and put out such a wonderful publication that places children’s rights and concerns at the centre of migration. This is very much needed.”

Marta Santos Pais
Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children
United Nations, New York

“The Inner World of the Immigrant Child has been as much of a success in the market place as it has been in academia. It is one book that we always are proud to exhibit at conventions, and we hear nothing but the most lavish praises for it. The book’s message clearly is highly salient and pertinent. It is truly a pleasure to write such a letter to an esteemed author, who is also a very special person.”

Lawrence Erlbaum
President and Owner of the Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Publishers