The Inner World of the Immigrant Child

The Inner World of the Immigrant Child

“I recommend this book to everyone who is concerned about education in the increasingly diversified world of the 21st century.” – Robert Lake, Georgia Southern University

This powerful book tells the story of one teacher’s odyssey to understand the inner world of immigrant children, and to create a learning environment that is responsive to these students’ feelings and their needs. Featuring the voices and artwork of many immigrant children, this text portrays the immigrant experience of uprooting, culture shock, and adjustment to a new world, and then describes cultural, academic, and psychological interventions that facilitate learning as immigrant students make the transition to a new language and culture.

Particularly relevant for courses dealing with multicultural and bilingual education, foundations of education, and literacy curriculum and instruction, this text is essential reading for all teachers who will — or currently do — work in today’s school environment.

“As a teacher, it will help you to better understand and serve our immigrant youth.” – An Amazon customer review

“Igoa reports on her supportive and inclusive work with marginalized immigrant children using their natural and reflective art as a “language” form, a vehicle through which they become visible and speak out about who they are and what they aspire to. Igoa explores a form of language in which the invisible and silent are both seen and heard.”

Julie A. Hollit
Associate Lecturer in Special Education, School Counseling
School of Teacher Education
Charles Sturt University,
Eastern Australia
Panorama Drive
Bathurst NSW

Multicultural Education

“Igoa brings us to the understanding that academic achievement can not be divorced from the child’s affective dimensions. Her results are often remarkable, sometimes disappointing. But even the disappointments move us closer to understanding these children, and their world”

Multicultural Perspectives

“Readers who are concerned about the education of immigrant children in today’s schools will find this book very inspiring.”

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